M. King resides in the far southwest of England, behind a keyboard and a vat of coffee. She has been writing for as long as she can remember and, since the late ’90s, her work has appeared (under a variety of different pen names) in numerous print and online magazines, journals, anthologies, and also in festivals and on radio. She once did a stint writing greetings card verses, too.

Several of her novels and short stories have been published under the banner of gay romance and erotica, and M. King continues to joyfully peddle smut featuring strong, relatable, flawed and fascinating characters. Her fiction often features vivid, mildly lyrical prose, though the genres range from contemporary to historical, or fantasy to intense realism.

As Chastity Vicks, she writes both queer and straight erotica and sensual romance, frequently with a side order of kink. Head over to www.chastityvicks.com for violet wands, remote-controlled vibrators, femdom, and much more.

As Anna Reith, she writes fantasy, horror, literary and speculative fiction, and also offers a range of creative and editorial freelance services, including cover art, ebook formatting, editing and proofreading. More details at www.annareith.co.uk.

On the rare occasions she is not writing, M. King enjoys long, muddy walks with her dogs, dabbling in her herb garden, and falling off horses. Not all at the same time, obviously.