The Green Man

 The Green Man by M. King

After the disappearance of his lover, Jack, Welsh gypsy Gwyn cares little for his own life…so much so that he’s prepared to wager his very soul on a game of cards.

Gwyn might be a careless gambler, but when he learns the stakes are even higher than he could have imagined, he’s prepared to do anything to win back his mate. In the strange world of The Green Man’s castle, a series of challenges await Gwyn, and failure will carry the ultimate penalty.  Keep Reading →

Almost Human

Almost Human by M. King


In a world where everything has changed, two immortals flee for sanctuary. A violent, pitiless order pursues them, but why?

The gifts Kalyan and Lazarus possess mark them as uncommon even among the Changed People, but when they made the mistake of stealing from the Agisci monks, their theft revealed a dark truth.

Now they must expose it, or let it claim them.

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