The Dreamer

The Dreamer by M. King


Horacio Valdez is a man of science. He has poured himself into forging a career, a life…and just hoping that, somehow, the rest will take care of itself. Loneliness has stalked him for years, and he has never fully mastered the art of connecting with others. Only in his dreams does Horacio know the comfort and closeness of another’s presence, but is the figure that haunts his nights completely benign?

When Horacio is forced to confront his dreams—and the beautiful, terrible creature at their center—the truth might just be more frightening than his reality has ever been.

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Tonight or Else

Tonight or Else by M. King

Every Cornishman comes into the world with the soul-deep knowledge that his land straddles the narrow shallows between the solid rocks of English practicality and the ocean of myth that lies beyond.

Jamie Tregellis has no time for old men’s tales; working at The Lamb Inn keeps him too busy even to pine for his lost love, Will Andrewartha, who’d split Jamie’s heart in two when he left to become a sailor. Will promised to come back for him, but Jamie had long since given up hope – until one night he hears a noise in the stableyard….

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White Stones

White Stones by M. King


A curse is a difficult thing to lift.

When Zach’s two brothers fall foul of an old woman with hidden powers, he must set out to save them…not knowing he will uncover far more than he imagined.

Alone in the world—and in their isolated woodland camp—Zach, Cain, and Joseph should know better than to offend old hags who come calling. Under threat of a terrible spell, Zach must travel to free his brothers with nothing but his bravery, and his dreams. Yet what he finds at the strange cottage upon the hill surpasses anything he could have expected.

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The Gypsy & the Witch

The Gypsy and the Witch by M. King

Some horrors are too much to bear, but can Samuel ever outrun the evil that stalks his dreams?

Travelling in a strange valley, Samuel and his family come to a village with a terrible secret that, once uncovered, will haunt him to the ends of the world. As he embarks on a journey that will take him farther than he ever imagined, Samuel doesn’t realize that—through all the losses he must suffer—love waits for him in a place he never dreamed of, and comes in a form he could never have believed possible.

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The Golden Horse

The Golden Horse by M. King


When horse dealer’s son Shem falls foul of the local squire, he’s forced to repay his debt. But what he finds in his lordship’s stables is far from ordinary.

The golden horse—an animal of rare value and mystical properties—holds an astonishing secret, which sets Shem on the way to a journey that will take him a distant land, and to the very heart of what is means to be human, and to be loved.


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The Green Man

 The Green Man by M. King

After the disappearance of his lover, Jack, Welsh gypsy Gwyn cares little for his own life…so much so that he’s prepared to wager his very soul on a game of cards.

Gwyn might be a careless gambler, but when he learns the stakes are even higher than he could have imagined, he’s prepared to do anything to win back his mate. In the strange world of The Green Man’s castle, a series of challenges await Gwyn, and failure will carry the ultimate penalty.  Keep Reading →

Almost Human

Almost Human by M. King


In a world where everything has changed, two immortals flee for sanctuary. A violent, pitiless order pursues them, but why?

The gifts Kalyan and Lazarus possess mark them as uncommon even among the Changed People, but when they made the mistake of stealing from the Agisci monks, their theft revealed a dark truth.

Now they must expose it, or let it claim them.

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